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    I had any legal investigation done on me at the Super 8 Hotel in Black River Falls in 2011 April 24th which happened to be Easter Sunday officer Sergeant Douglas Auto was behind the two-way mirror in a room that I paid for without my consent he still behind the mirror with two other officers I have a full list of the name of all the officers that work that they the name of the desk manager the name of the owner and the name of the CIA my case which did it to control by as I’m able for this and one control by a me after this I could not prove it before I want the court and I tried fight in court I want to 6 public defenders and then when the public defender’s office finally agreed to provide money for private investigation my lawyer she found it and she would not question the manager or any of the place so I can prove this happened but hundred percent behind the door for a fact if this could get filed and get these people in court under oath and we couldn’t make hundreds of millions of dollars off of this by suing the Super 8 corporate headquarters for hundreds of millions of dollars they see me get naked behind the mirror I am very upset they tried to set me up illegally to see I tried handing me ecstasy in the room I told her no this can be proven if you would please contact me at 715-459-5350 I would like to thoroughly go over this with you and explain it please contact me as soon as possible there’s three Federal lawsuits take one against the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department won against the Black River Falls City police department and one against Super 8 and the owner please contact me at 715-459-5350 and please leave a message if I am unable to answer.
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    Hey, the “Melania” article has a typo. “Donald Trump absolutely did rape commit rape”, should presumably say “Donald Trump absolutely did commit rape”.
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