Dean Heller is a perfect example of the kind of Republican you need to call

Dean Heller is a perfect example of the kind of Republican you need to call

Yesterday, I got a message on Facebook that said, "I've already called my Rep in Nevada, but I don't think it will make a difference." This is an understandable concern. My response below the fold:

Thank you! But don't just call your US House rep. Call Dean Heller's office. He's the Republican Senator for Nevada, and he'll be up for reelection in 2018 knowing Nevada voted for Clinton. And it's the Senate who votes on appointments.

Here's his contact info:

To expand on my reply on Facebook, Heller isn't just a good target because he's a Republican representing a blue state. He also consistently opposed Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. Yet merely being in a blue state doesn't guarantee he'll vote the right way on someone like Jeff Sessions—he needs to know his constituents are paying attention to who the Senate confirms to Trump's cabinet.

Heller is hardly alone. When Trump is inaugurated in January, there will be no fewer than a dozen Republican senators who were publicly anti-Trump on election day, and many more who were openly ambivalent. For example, there's Susan Collins, another blue-state Republican senator who went so far as to pen a full-length op-ed in the Washington Post listing all the reasons she would not be supporting Donald Trump for president. She probably won't hesitate to oppose Trump in the Senate at least some of the time. But if she's ever on the fence about a vote, Maine voters who pick up their phones and call her office may be able to do a lot of good.

But we shouldn't limit ourselves to blue state senators. Take Mike Lee of Utah. Utah is a deep red state, and never in any danger of going for Clinton in 2016. However, at one point Trump was in danger of losing Utah to third-party candidate Evan McMullin. Trump seems to have struggled in Utah in large part because his statements in Muslims set off alarm bells among the state's Mormon population, themselves a religious minority in America. Trump's struggles in Utah were reflected in the fact that, during the election, Senator Lee called on Trump to step down and let someone else lead the Republican ticket.

These are just a few examples. But the bottom line is this: there really is a lot we can do keep extremists and hacks out of positions of power. But we're going to need to act quickly over the next two months in order to succeed. So sign the petition opposition Sessions, and if you can, give your senator a call.

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