Keep calling Congress!

Keep calling Congress!

Thursday, there was a part of me that was afraid Trump would nuke Beijing on day one, China would retaliate, and then we'd all die. But it didn't occur to me just how surreal the last three days would be—including Trump telling CIA staff God had miraculously made it not rain during his inaugural address (spoiler: this is not true) and newly minted White House staff member Kellyanne Conway giving us a new euphemism for "lie"—"alternative facts".

In the middle of this, I have one simple message for people: don't stop calling Congress. Don't let the pressure let up. It's been reported that Senators McCain and Graham have said they will be supporting Tillerson for Secretary of State, which is pretty horrifying given that for a moment they were looking like they would be two of Trump's most dangerous foes in the Senate (dangerous because, unlike any Democrat, they chair committees). If you live on Arizona or South Caroline, send furious phone calls to their offices on Monday.

Similarly, in my own state, there are rumors flying on Twitter that Senator Dianne Feinstein is undecided on Jeff Sessions, which is also horrifying given how she positioned herself as a foe of Sessions in his committee hearings. Californians need to call about that too.

Other good things to call about: next week, a Feinstein staffer told me, the Senate will be voting on Mike Pompeo (CIA director and apologist for Bush's abuses of power), as well as Elaine Chao (who has some worrisome conflicts of interest). Or you could just say you support this idea from Rep. Jerry Nadler:

I came up with the same idea independently, but Nadler (or someone on his staff) beat me to it, and citing a sitting member of Congress seems like a good idea.

As always, the number for the Capitol switchboard is (202) 224-3121.

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