Happy MLK Day! Trump is already imploding!

Happy MLK Day! Trump is already imploding!

It's fortunate that Martin Luther King Jr. was born in January—it means that every four years, when a president is inaugurated, the United States has an opportunity to reflect on our country's history with race, and what it means for the new administration. In this case, it makes Trump's attack on Rep. John Lewis (who survived getting his skull fractured while marching for voting rights in the 60s) that much more catastrophic for Trump, politically. And don't believe those who say Trump can shrug off anything—the truth is he's imploding, and we should celebrate it.

Just today, Gallup—fortuitously—released a poll showing Trump's approval rating at 40 percent. That's below where Nixon's approval rating was in May of 1973, when the Senate began nationally televised hearings on Watergate. The bad news is it took another 15 months for Nixon to resign, and personally the thought of Trump having access to US nuclear codes for 15 months terrifies me. Nevertheless, Trump's disastrous approval ratings are probably the single most important fact about our current situation that seems widely overlooked by people looking to resist Trump.

We're winning. We should take heart from that fact—while also recognizing the importance of getting Trump out of office before it's too late.

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