I just e-mailed my Senators telling them to obstruct everything

I just e-mailed my Senators telling them to obstruct everything

I just sent both of my Senators an e-mail telling them to obstruct everything Donald Trump tries to do. This is an extreme measure, but, I believe, a necessary one. In my e-mail (posted below the fold), I explain why:

I’m sending you this message because in the past few weeks I’ve tried to call your office repeatedly about a number of issues, and have gotten through exactly once. So I’m going to make this simple:

If Trump wants something, you should be voting “no”.

Vote “no” on every remaining appointee. Vote “no” on every piece of legislation that comes out of the White House. Vote “no” on any piece of legislation period, unless Congress is assembling a veto-proof majority to force Trump to release his taxes or rescind the Muslim ban or stop him from ordering a nuclear first-strike or something like that.

Our system of government requires compromise, but Democrats shouldn’t be worrying about that right now because Democrats don’t control Congress. Force Trump to compromise with the dozen Republican Senators who were still saying #NeverTrump on election day. Force him to compromise with the Republican Senators who endorsed him but have spoken out against him on specific issues. And if all 52 GOP Senators vote for something horrible, vote “No” just so they’re forced to own what they did.

I’m pleading to you to take a hard line because the Trump administration is proposing so many distinct awful things. It looks like your offices don’t have enough staff to take calls from California voters on more than a fraction of them. Don’t think for a minute that doesn’t mean we’re not watching.

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